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Intrathecal Pain Pump
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Intrathecal Pain Pump

If you have been in pain for more than 6 months and your current treatment has not provided adequate relief, or you’re experiencing intolerable side effects, don’t lose hope.
Modern Pain Consultants offer Pain Pump therapy, a targeted drug delivery system.
    • With targeted drug delivery, a pain pump delivers pain medication directly to the fluid around the spinal cord. This may result in effective pain relief at lower doses and with fewer side effects compared to oral medication, which go through your circulatory system.

      Targeted Drug Delivery is indicated for:

      • Cancer Pain
      • Chronic pain
      • Spasticity

      How Targeted Drug Delivery Works

      A targeted drug delivery system delivers pain or anti-spastic medication directly to the fluid around the spinal cord, in an area called the intrathecal space.

      The system includes a drug pump that is connected to a thin, flexible tube called a catheter. Both the pump and the catheter are fully implanted under the skin.

      Because the pump releases medication directly to the pain receptors near the spine instead of going through your circulatory system, pain relief can be achieved with a small fraction of the oral medication dose.1-3

      Targeted drug delivery offers a number of benefits, including:

      • Effective pain relief
      • Improved ability to function and participate in activities of daily living
      • Unlike oral medications, which travel throughout your body in your bloodstream, targeted drug delivery releases small amounts of medicine directly into the fluid near your spine. Your symptoms can be controlled with a fraction of the oral dose.
      • With lower doses of pain medication, most people experience fewer or more tolerable side effects with targeted drug delivery versus oral dosing.
      • A screening test serves as a temporary evaluation period so you can see if targeted drug delivery relieves your pain before committing to long-term therapy.
    • Screening Test- Pain Pump Trail

      If you are considering a drug pump to control your pain, think about having a screening test. With a screening test, you‘ll have a reasonable idea of what your results might be BEFORE you have the device implanted.

      During the pain pump trail, a single injection of a small amount of pain medication with be placed into the intrathecal space to test its effectiveness.

      The screening test is important for a variety of reasons

      • Assess how well targeted drug delivery relieves your pain
      • Feel what it is like to receive pain medications intrathecally into the fluid-filled space surrounding your spinal cord
      • Decide if you want to go on to have the targeted drug delivery system implanted

      Implant Procedure

      What to Expect During the Implant Procedure for Targeted Drug Delivery

      The pain pump system will be implanted surgically in a hospital out patient setting.

      What to Expect During the First Weeks of Recovery

      The recovery time after getting the therapy is usually 6-8 weeks. You may experience some initial discomfort and limits on movements. Be sure to listen to your body and follow your doctor's instructions.

      After a few weeks, it's a good idea to try some activities you enjoy, such as going for a walk, riding your bike, going to a movie, or watching a ball game. Talk with your doctor about activities you'd like to try or tasks you'd like to accomplish.

      Making Adjustments to Your Pain Therapy

      Personal Therapy Manager for Targeted Drug Delivery

      Your doctor will use a computer-like programmer in his office to program the pump. Because pain symptoms can change with specific activities or at certain times of the day, the dose and/or program can be individualized so that you receive the best pain relief possible. For example, to prevent pain from interfering with sleep, the pump can be programmed to deliver more pain medicine at night. Be sure to tell your doctor about the way you feel, so changes can be made to optimize your pain management.

      Studies have also reported that targeted drug delivery provided pain relief in many patients who could not achieve adequate control even with high doses of oral pain medication.

      We believe targeted drug therapy can restore patient’s independence and control over their chronic pain. Our team will PERSONALIZE your pain pump settings to include optimal baseline and breakthrough medication to improve quality of life.


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