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Joint Injections
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Joint Injections

    • Is joint pain slowing you down?
      Are you tired of morning stiffness and pain?
      Do you feel like an active life has passed you by?

      According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50% of adults who are 65 or older have a diagnosis of arthritis and associated joint pain.

      As we age, our joints will degenerate from daily “wear and tear” from our busy lifestyles. Although routine “wear and tear” is inevitable, the pain associated with chronic diseases of the joint can be an afterthought with Modern Pain Consultants.

      Joint injections are used to treat pain, reduce inflammation, lubricate joints, and promote healing. Joint injections are implemented to reduce pain originating from ligaments, tendons, or cartilage.

    • Common joint injection sites include:

      • Shoulder
      • Finger
      • Hip
      • Sacroiliac
      • Knee

      Types of injections include:

      • Corticosteroids to reduce pain and inflammation
      • Viscosupplementation “rooster cone” to lubricate the joint and control the pain associated with osteoarthritis

      At Modern Pain Consultants, all joint injections are performed under fluoroscopic guidance to ensure proper placement of needle tip within the joint space to improve outcomes. This outpatient procedure takes less than 5 minutes and is typically well tolerated with local anesthetic. Patients may experience immediate relief post injection while the long-term duration of relief may vary from patient-to-patient. Joint injections can be used in combination with nerve blocks for optimal results.

      Joint injections are a conservative, minimally invasive, alternative to surgery.

      At Modern Pain Consultants, we implement joint injections to REDUCE PAIN and make daily activity more ENJOYABLE. Our goal is to increase your mobility and have you start enjoying life again.



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